Arbitenthu- The Beginning

So after months of fantasizing about having a massive  internet following, getting mentioned in innumerable blog-rolls, and becoming the ‘betaaj badshah’ of the blogosphere, today I set about to actually do IT. Have an own blog, and hopefully keep it updated.

So what happened today? Well, if you know me (chances are that you don’t!!), you would know that I suffer from that very acute and complex sociological phenomenon that is yet to be identified.  I must credit my friend, who might be the second smartest person I know for first recognizing it, and then naming it.

I suffer from ‘Arbitrary Enthusiasm’ or Arbit-enthu for short. In medical terms it means nothing (not yet), but it signifies the state in which a person (most likely me) builds up a lot of adrenalin for doing something (as simple as taking a bath, to as complex as…well you figure it), thinks about it, talks about it, spends hours (nay eons) dreaming about it, and then loses interest.

Yes, simply loses interest, mainly because a) He’s too lazy, and b) No, he’s just too lazy.

Today, the Arbit enthu bug struck me again, and for a change I actually signed up on WordPress.  I seriously believe that this would be my contribution to mankind’s better understanding of mankind. It would help understand how an arbitrary mind functions, what does it thinks, why does it thinks, what does it do what it do. How does it move from a Jagjit Singh to a Barbara Streisand to becoming a hot shot consultant to thinking about the hot babe who resigned from office today. Or on second thought, may be not. Its arbit!!

But for now let the drums roll, for this blog is my new Enthu, with a capital E.

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3 Responses to Arbitenthu- The Beginning

  1. A friend :) says:

    Hey, u’ve done a grt job in the first one…
    I think the bug “Arbit-enthu” has effected many of us around however very few essentially try to cure such ailment. You leading the way would definitely give this recognition in medical sciences 😉

    Your friend seems to be doing a great job too and i hope he/she keeps up this good work of naming each of your future “Enthu”.

    Looking forward to more n more of such gifts to mankind from “The Emperor” with a capital E (supposedly betaaj badshaah)


  2. Violet in Twilight says:

    This is one of those things that you don’t know you are missing until you see it. So, now I am seriously envious I can’t have “Arbit-enthu” attributed to me.

    But, you have good thing going here. So far, I completely agree with you on DD movie watching. Those days we were sure all our friends/ classmates would watch the same thing and have same topic to discuss.

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